Suspension and Termination

Should a child need to be suspended or withdrawn from the school, whether initiated by the school or the parent(s), the school intends to do so in a manner appropriate to the child's ability to understand.  A consultation with the parents will be held without the child present and an agreement will be reached concerning the proper course of action.  If it involves special needs or is behavior related all options will be discussed including any intervention that the teachers can provide through a behavior management or

special needs curriculum, or a behavioral intervention plan to be used by parents at home and teachers during school hours, or recommendation for any appropriate support services.  This will all be discussed before suspension or termination proceedings.  The teacher and/or director will document any behavior that is pertinent to the issue of concern and will consult with the parent of the child on an on going basis. This will give everyone involved a chance to work out the problem.  No later than one month before any termination will take effect a meeting will be held to inform the specific parents of the emanate termination as well as discussions of any circumstances under which the child may return to the program.  This will allow the family sufficient time to deal with the change.

A child may be suspended or terminated from our program for the following reasons but not limited to: delinquency of payment by the parents, because he or she provides evidence of needing special care that

the day care cannot provide, interferes with the proper care of the other children or puts the other children at risk for the majority of time in day care.

The parties involved will be given sufficient warning of the intended suspension or termination.  Thus, we ask that parents notify us in writing one month prior to withdrawing a child, as will the day care give the parents one-month notice of any suspension/termination.