Transitions & Child Guidance



As your child grows he/she will be going through transitions. If they are enrolled in our program from Toddlerhood through the Preschool years the staff will be helping them through these changes. They should already be familiar with the staff and children in that group as we do many activities together throughout the year. Children will be visiting the program before enrolling to meet the teachers and see the space.

The children will be well prepared for these transitions through discussions with their teachers and parents.  We also have a graduation ceremony at the end of each school year or goodbye party for anyone leaving the program for any other reason to help with the preparation of the oncoming change. 

If your child moves to a different program in town or out of state All information in your child's file will be signed and dated by the Director.  We will transfer your child's records to another agency or school after your child leaves us if you request this in writing.

Child Guidance

The staff will provide guidance to children in a positive and consistent way based on an understanding of the individual needs and development of children by:

  • encouraging self-control and using positive child guidance techniques
  • helping children learn social, communication and emotional skills
  • using environments and activity modifications, adult or peer support, and other teaching strategies to encourage appropriate behavior
  • intervening quickly for aggressive behavior and teach positive strategies for resolving conflict