Behavior Management Plan

The behavior management plan for children of the Woods Hole Day Care Cooperative is based on a respect for the child, and an understanding of appropriate developmental levels, individual and different for each attending child. The behavior management of any individual child is carried out in a quiet and private manner as much as the situation will allow.  The children will be involved with the making of the rules when ever possible.

The staff uses positive reinforcement and role modeling techniques as a means to reinforce positive behavior. The staff encourages the use of re-direction and child-initiated dialogue as a means of settling issues. It is not the child, but the child's actions that are given the attention.  The use of "time-out" is used sparingly and only in cases where the child has the ability to reflect on past behavior and make the appropriate changes.  The length of time in a “time-out” will not exceed one minute per year of the child’s age.

No child will be denied food as a form of punishment.  No child will be punished for not using the toilet.  No staff person will force-feed, threaten, and physically or emotionally strike a child.  No child will be punished in a cruel, humiliating, or abusive manner.

In the event a child's behavior poses a continual threat to himself/herself or the rest of the children attending, it will be the responsibility of the Director, in consultation with the parents to recommend appropriate support services that will aid the child.