school house
school house

Our main objective at the Woods Hole Day Care Co-operative (WHDCC) is to provide children with a safe, happy, and organized environment where opportunities for growth and development may occur.  The staff works with each family to ensure a peaceful transition from home to school.  A balance of play activities - structured or unstructured, informative or creative, active or quiet, observing or participating, alone or together, indoor or out - are provided by the staff to enhance a child's self-image and encourage a natural curiosity to explore and discover the world.

The program stresses three areas of learning: formal planned curriculum, teachable moments, and life skills. The planned curriculum includes language, social, health, the arts and STEM activities plus much more. Teachable moments provide opportunities for growth in social and problem-solving skills. Development of life skills fosters the growth of independence and a positive self-image. In the summer months we explore our neighborhood.

Our school continually seeks parental suggestions for curriculum growth and development in accordance with guidelines established by the Commonwealth.  The Co-op is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).

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